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At the core of every ski we make is the wood. We use North American harvested, raw timber for strength and durability.

We custom blend woods like poplar for its spring and weight savings, ash for its unbeatable flexibility and dampness, and maple for its smooth ride and strength in each core to match the skier to the ski.




High quality aerospace grade composites like high tensile strength carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass reinforce the skis’ custom-made wood core. Industry standard UHMW sintered base and sidewall are also available.  Our vertical sidewall sandwich laminate construction is the most durable in the industry, employing high temperature compression molding to fabricate the ski.  We use rubber shear layer dampening technology in various places throughout the ski to improve bonding and dampen the ride on firm snow.

Custom Graphic Topsheets


At NorthSide Customs we have several local artists’ work to choose from. Alternatively you can have your own art incorporated into a custom sublimated Polyamide topsheet. NorthSide can also design a custom topsheet to fit your creative idea making a true, one of a kind graphic for the top of your skis. Classic designs like wood veneer are beautiful, durable and a proven choice of team riders.



Ski Surface Profile

This is one of the most important aspects to the ski.  We can incorporate almost any type of rocker/camber/rise profiles into our ski shapes.  The sky is the limit at NorthSide but we will guide you into making sound and quality design decisions based on years of on-snow application experience.


Custom Construction Process

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