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Tier 2: Design Custom Details
Tier 2: Design Custom

Everything made at NorthSide is Custom. As with every ski you will receive custom size, shape, flex and camber/rocker options.

This option allows you to help in the design process or use an artist of your choice or have NorthSide put together a custom design of your desire. We use the best topsheet material available, Polyamide(nylon) has great clarity of color and excellent impact and scratch resistance. This is the best topsheet on the market.

If wood is still your preference for topsheet but looking for veneer inlay we can do that using our state of the art CNC machine for an awesome aesthetic.

Custom core design to meet specific ride characteristics are employed here as with all our skis. Standard UHMW plastic sidewalls are included with industry standard triaxial fiberglass composite including NorhtSides custom carbon weave for pop and liveliness.

Upon completion of an order a custom detail form will be emailed to you to fill out.

Tier 2: Design Custom Details

  • If you are looking for the ultimate in weight savings or durability then check out our full custom composite option 3.
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